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Amnesty International’s animated facebook game

Amnesty International commissioned this animated viral facebook game app for their latest campaign around the World Cup. Add your friends faces to the actual game and fight it out in this penalty shootout against three of the worlds worst offenders and then send it on to your mates to watch.

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View app on the Amnesty website >

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Umbro Game


Retro viral marketing table football game produced from conception to completion using shockwave. This classic 8 bit pixel style game was delivered as an email game to drive traffic to the Umbro website where users could continue their games online and publish their high scores too.

Play table football>

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F.A. Premier League

Premierleague games

Click on a game below to play. Shockwave 8 bit pixel graphics style games conceptualized, designed and produced for the website.

Play puzzleball >

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