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Planning a Social Media Campaign

Having created a great website, it is important for it to be seen. Nowadays, the most essential online tool for businesses is Social Media. It is important to remember what each channel does best and to focus your efforts to get the maximum return for your efforts. It?s not enough, however, to simply build your profiles and update at random! You can waste days just checking notifications, posting and sharing for little gain if you don’t keep the end game in sight. Social Media is about building relationships, building your brand, widening your exposure, it’s also a great way to build links to your site. Link building is becoming more about content and social media, many traditional SEO techniques are much less valuable and sometimes even damaging to your site. Nowadays, the most essential tool for businesses is Social Media. It is important to remember what each channel does best and to focus your efforts to get the maximum return for your efforts. If you come from a traditional marketing background you might consider taking a training course or two to update your skills. A Social Media course paired with some SEO training would set you well on your way to creating a formidable Social Media presence for your business. On the social-media-platform Facebook users can ?Like? your company or product, and you can encourage discussion and feedback on your account. This can be invaluable. According to Facebook they have more than 800 million active users. That’s a lot of people you can potentially reach. Use Facebook to share information on the web, answer customer enquiries in full, run competitions, share your own blog posts and start discussions. You can post relevant links to your posts on other relevant pages and groups LinkedIn is more of a marketing tool than you might imagine. It’s not all about resumes and CV’s. The best way to use LinkedIn for marketing in to join lots of groups relevant to your product or service. You can use these to post up links to articles you have written but remember that most groups are looking for discussion and won?t like it if you simply post links. Try and stimulate a debate with each post.

Things you can do with LinkedIn: Start a debate ? this can provide you with some good unique content for a post. Use groups to connect with people ? you have the option to connect with other members of a group, a good way to build your network. Get answers to questions Set up a Google+ profile. At the time of writing there are no business pages allowed, but they will be coming. It’s a good idea to build up a following before that happens. It’s a bit like Facebook but a lot cleaner.

Google have many tricks up their sleeve and many other services they offer are integrated with Google+. Unlike Facebook relationships don’t need to be mutual, you can circle someone even if they don?t circle you back and vice versa. When people share your links on Google+ it can effect your search engine ranking. If people have you in circles then your +1?s and shares will effect their search results when they are logged in. You can use Google+ for getting the latest news about what is happening in your niche or market Follow some great and interesting people and try and build relationships with them Adding your own opinion to a post that includes a topic link is good You can use it a bit like a mini blog You can share links to your posts Twitter can become a valuable Social Media asset to your company.

You can use twitter in a number of ways. Sharing your blog posts and those you may write for others. Sharing the best or latest news you find on the web, Searching for and connecting with key influencers in your niche or field Offering customer service Advertising offers Product Support If you’re attempting to create sales from Twitter, think about offering a Twitter exclusive?

YouTube is sometimes a criminally under used resource for businesses. whilst many SEO experts believe that it’s power in terms of Search Engine Optimisation has diminished recently, it’s still appearing in search and we have found that posts containing video often out rank those without. Start up your own YouTube channel and fill it with interesting, different content. Here’s a few suggestions of what to do with YouTube: Upload videos that show how to use your product in interesting ways Describe why your service will make your clients life easier Create a How To using a screen Capture tool Record an Interview with an expert. You can use Google hangouts or Skype to do this: Use other peoples useful YouTube videos to embellish your own blog and give your inspiration for writing. Link to your business in the description Use your Keywords for SEO in your Title, Tags and Description. Google is changing the whole landscape of Internet search through integration of Google+ with organic and paid search results. Linkbait is any feature or content on your website designed to encourage others to link to your site. This is a very powerful and somewhat underused tool by SME’s. Backlinks are the key to your long term search engine optimization campaign. Having many backlinks from many good websites will help your website climb up the ranks. These days, people spend more time viewing social media websites than they do viewing just about any other type of site on the Internet.

A Curious Group of Hotels

Cowley manor web designers and developers are Taste Consultancy Ltd. a UK London based design company specializing in hotel website design and online hotel system development.

Curious Group WebsiteCowley Manor a contemporary-chic country house hotel which sits in the glorious Cotswold countrysideL'hotel one of the most famous hotels in Paris

We created a complete new online presence for Cowley Manor and L’Hotel. As well as creating a new brand for Cowley Manor and shiny new websites for the group, TTC has built a bespoke integrated CMS that allows Curious to create new websites and manage their content with a few easy clicks. > > > >

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Pretty Things

Pretty Things

As well as helping with the brand, TTC produced this front end site to improve search engine results and drive traffic to the Pretty Things online lingerie and swimwear shop. >

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